Not so smooth tranistion…

The other day, I sent my husband the following email:
How was the baby this morning? I forgot to tell you she comes running up to the door when I get home…and then when I open the bedroom door, she RUNS back and jumps on the bed and hides behind the comforter…so cutey!

He responded with the following:
I found Kylie tip-toeing stalking towards the baby in the bed while I was brushing my teeth. I spanked Kylie lightly and she ran away sulking, really timid even when I made treat-shaking noises. Eventually, she came out slowly from under chairs and ate the treats very quietly. Hope she’s learning.

She’s not though. Tonight, I had the bedroom door open (we’ve been keeping them apart while we’re at work) and Angel…it was so sad! She ran up to Kylie all, “hey, hiya!” and Kylie responded with flat ears, hissing and hitting Angel with her paws! I yelled at her, and when I gave Angel her canned food, Kylie didn’t get any…but it’s looking like Kylie (who was the first to accept Gun-Hee) is the stopping point, not Tessie.

It breaks my heart though. Angel wants to be friends but the “mean girls” won’t let her in…

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