Angel-a-day/40 of 365

An example of how “handsy” Angel is. Here, she puts her paws in my salad to see what I’m eating.

3 thoughts on “Angel-a-day/40 of 365

  1. That’s hilarious! But… Litter Toes!!!
    Is she standing?
    Smeagol has such great balance because of his polydactyl back paws that he often ends up standing on his hind feet to see things.


    1. Oh ew…!
      She’s sort of half-standing, half sitting. It’s really cute. I usually don’t let her touch my food until I’m done but I made an exception for the photo. It’s really funny to watch her stealing rice out of a dish a few grains at a time (which she then eats).


  2. Sometimes it’s like living with monkeys, isn’t it??? My Finnegan just helped himself to my Weight Watcher’s frozen dinner – Santa Fe Rice & Beans – he obviously got his love of TexMex from me!!


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