A suprise from the late Scarface Cat Pacino

Sherry, Gun-Hee’s breeder, called me on Friday to let me know that her girl, Catalina had just had kittens last Tuesday. Three kittens, she thinks two are boys and one is a girl. But here’s the thing: they’re Scar’s kittens. He’d bred with Catalina before he died, but Sherry didn’t think Catalina got pregnant. Catalina also didn’t show for a really long time, and Sherry didn’t realise she was pregnant until a couple of weeks ago.

I want one of those boys so bad. I want to name him Jacoby and he could be Angel’s BFF.

6 thoughts on “A suprise from the late Scarface Cat Pacino

      1. Uh-oh…
        I’d totally do it if I were you. If you’ve got the room for one more. It might be good for Angel to have a boy kitty around. Another Aby she can bond with. A minion 🙂


        1. I think we have room for one more. My husband, not so much.
          I agree that nothing but good can come of getting another Aby in regards of Angel…she needs a comrade in arms.


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