Angel-a-day/158 of 365

Angel and Tessie sharing a pillow on the sofa. My husband turned around when I snapped this and asked, “did you put them like that?” “No,” I said, “They did that themselves. That’s why I took the photo.”

5 thoughts on “Angel-a-day/158 of 365

  1. I love how they both look less than pleased to be sitting so close to one another, as if they are tolerating the company strictly for the warmth and the comfy seat. I can almost see their skin twitching.


    1. Hee!
      I’m pretty sure Angel was there first and Tessie joined her; Tessie is very much a “follower” in that any other cat starts playing with something and she has to join in…and then she usually goes, “hey, what’s so fun about this? I don’t get it” and walks away.


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