So Jake’s home from his surgery…and you wouldn’t know anything had happened to him. According to the vet, as soon as he came out of the anaesthesia he started demanding to be fed with a rather strident meow.

That’s my boy.

I picked him up, and he wanted OUT of his carrier. I let him out, as I always do, at the elevator so he could walk to our apartment…he ran to the door, I let him in, went back to grab the groceries, and he snuck back out and ran around the rest of the hallway! He also ate a full meal, attacked Angel, and tried to jump into a cupboard.

I guess no one told him he’d had major surgery.

He’s a character. The vet’s office staff told me he was very entertaining all day. Yep, that’s my boy.

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3 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. Sounds like my boys Kush and Chronic…

    They were whining for noms and petties not even out of their cage back from the vet. I was also worried because the written instructions were to “keep them quiet and keep them from jumping.” Ha! They were drag racing around the house within a few minutes…


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