He’s a big boy now…

Took Jacoby to the vet this morning for his neutering. It was cold and rainy, so I put Gun-Hee’s fleece on him. I wanted to put on the little raincoat I got at Old Navy last year, but it was too small! Like Gun-Hee and Angel, he doesn’t mind wearing jackets. Turned out to be a good thing he had one on, too, because the bus I was planning to take never showed up, and we ended up standing outside for 15 minutes. We finally got there at 9:25.

While he was under anaethesia, I had them microchip him, do baseline bloodwork (so we’ll know what his “normal” kidney and liver functions are in the future), and give him a preventative fluoride treatment. I was planning on chipping him anyway, but the bloodwork was only $30 and the fluoride only $15 – well worth it, I think, especially since Abyssinians are especially prone to dental disease.

They just called me at 11:23 to tell me he was already finished and waking up. That was fast! Poor little guy will be bored all afternoon because I can’t get him til after 5.

And tomorrow is his 6 month birthday.

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