Aby-a-Day – Day 1 of 365

Welcome to the reinvention of Gun-Hee’s LiveJournal. In his memory, I’ll be posting an Aby a day for the year; mostly these will be Angel, our one-eyed rescue Red Abyssinian, and Jacoby, the Ruddy Abyssinian half-brother of Gun-Hee (they have the same father, the late Pellburn Scarface Cat-Pacino), but I’ll also post other Abyssinians I find along the way.

To start the new year, two short videos showing Jacoby’s naughtiness…

This is what he does while I’m sleeping. He bites my earring because he knows it’ll wake me up instantly. He’s even managed to get one and run off with it once or twice.

And here’s Jake chewing on our Christmas tree. This was taken yesterday; keep in mind that we put it up the day after Thanksgiving, and he’s still going after the lower branches as though he’d never seen them before. Silly cat!