Aby-a-Day – Day 3 of 365

Since we adopted Jacoby, he and have been Aby BFFs. Angel was a rescue, and spent a night in the pound, had severe upper respiratory infections that resulted in her losing an eye and then had a violent reaction to the prothesis that was put in and had to have more surgery. She spent seven months in a foster home before I brought her back from California, during which she was bullied by the resident cats and had to be kept in a bedroom of her own (she got along with several foster Abys, but they were adopted and she was left alone again).

When I brought her home, Tessie and Kylie, our two girls, were less than welcoming. It took Angel 5 months to finally stand up to them and not run and hide if they looked at her.

Jacoby changed all that. He came to our house on August 1, and within a week the two Abys were fast friends. Angel and Jake not only play, but Angel is most often the initiator and the agressor in their battles. It’s wonderful to see.

Here’s a shot of Jake and Angel playing. There’ll be more of these over the year, no worries.


2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 3 of 365

  1. She just needed somebody to boss around 🙂
    Girl kitties can be so territorial… I’m glad she has someone to pal around with now. I always felt bad when I’d read about how she hid from the Mean Girls.


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