Aby-a-Day – Day 5 of 365

We got a new cat tree at Petco on New Year’s Day. All the cats love it, but of course the Abys especially love it. Angel loves the cubbyhole on the bottom and the top deck, while Jacoby likes all the scratching surfaces and he loves going from level to level through the holes and doorways.

Here’s the two of them loving the new tree, Angel on top and Jake in the middle.


2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 5 of 365

  1. Hmm, I like the looks of that cat tree. May have to check out our Petco and see if they have it. I know Sasha would love the cubby at the bottom, and Leo (who I’m almost convinced is part Aby, based on your posts about their personalities. 😉 ) would love the top deck…


    1. I love this tree. I saw it at the Petco in Cambridge in Sept. 2008 and wanted it then (we’d decided that our living room colour scheme would be black/metal/natural). I’ve taken photos of it with my phone at two different Petcos, too.
      I’d check quickly; it looked like they’d discontinued it at the Petco we went to and it was definitely the last one left there. Looking at their website, it appears they’re phasing this one out in favour of the Little Lotus Tree and other bamboo trees (which are more expensive).
      I’m so happy we managed to find one!


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