Aby-a-Day – Day 9 of 365

As I posted on Tuesday, we got a new cat tree last weekend.

Here’s a short, rather silly little video of Jacoby trying out the new furniture.

Other People’s Abys – The Abys of YouTube

I’ve been posting a lot of videos of Jacoby and Angel using the miracle of YouTube. However, they are by no means the only Abys on there.

In the “Abys eat anything” vein, we have this little guy eating cucumber (and asking for more!):

Then there’s Stewie. I’m pretty sure “crazed Abyssinian” is redundant…

This Belgian Aby is another one who likes to go for walks on his leash!

Finally, we have Abyssinian siblings Nico and Nina in Japan – this pair has their own YouTube channel!

These are only a few examples. One could probably spend an entire week just watching videos of Abyssinians. They all seem to be personalities!