Aby-a-Day – Day 16 of 365

Jacoby is a typical Abyssinian in that he has an inborn need to get as high as he possibly can. We have a computer desk with an overhead shelf that he’s recently discovered.

Of course, he had to get up there and then stretch as far as he could.

Who does he think he is, Longcat?


4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 16 of 365

  1. Wow, that looks like a precarious perch.
    Part of me dearly wants to own an Aby one day, but the other part of me is not sure she could deal with a cat smarter and more curious than Hubero. He’s like a 3 year old kid in a cat suit so much of the time, as it is…


    1. Abys are definitely a challenge. They are much more work than Siamese (and I was very surprised to discover that)! But I like that kind of challenge.
      That’s what I liked about Angel’s rescue; on her (and all the Abys’) profile, they said “Please understand the Abyssinian personality” with a link to the CFA breed description. I thought that was very wise on their part.


      1. We adopted Hubero from a Siamese and Persian rescue in Atlanta, and they were very careful to ask if you had ever had a Siamese before, and to explicitly state how different Siamese cats are from other breeds, noting their usual need for companionship and other breed-specific traits that can sometimes make them a challenge to deal with.
        We may end up getting an Aby one day, but I think it would require the right space for dealing with an agile monkey-cat.


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