Aby-a-Day – Day 17 of 365

Ever wonder what it’s like to wake up on a lazy winter weekend morning when you have two Abyssinians in your home?

Imagine all the cat toys that make the most noise possible. Now imagine two Abys playing with as many of them as they can on hardwood floors. It’s something like that.

Want to take an Abyssinian wherever you go? There’s an App for that.

Browsing free iPhone apps on iTunes today, I came across quite possibly the best (if useless) app ever: Petting Cat Really Abyssinian.

There’s a bit of Engrish going on in both the iTunes Store listing and on their website (it’s made by someone in Japan), but you don’t really need language to play with the Aby. The animation isn’t bad (it looks like online roleplaying game animation), and the cat actually looks and moves like an Abyssinian (as opposed to being a generic “cat”).

There’s a free “Lite” version and a paid version that costs $2.99. If you have an iPhone or iTouch, and you want a virtual Aby, check it out.

Abyssinians in Need (Also Savannahs, Chausies, Egyptian Maus and Bengals)!

One website I periodically check is that of Purebreds Plus, the Northern California rescue organisation from which I adopted Angel, just to see what they’re doing. I live in Boston now, but I grew up in the middle of their territory; their headquarters is about 20 miles from where I grew up.

Right now, they are dealing with 35 “exotic” breeds, including Abys, that they recently took in. These poor cats were in tragic condition and needed quite a bit of vet care and many of them still aren’t healthy enough to be adopted out yet. Most of them were dangerously thin and are still trying to get their weight back up. All of them had raging diarrhea, ringworm, earmites and other parasites that were just debilitating.

One of the worst was a Ruddy Aby called Sha Sha. Her photos are graphic and just heartbreaking. Poor girl!

This is a wonderful rescue, and they’re completely volunteer. If you want to donate to a charity that puts 100% of contributions towards those it’s meant to help, this is one you can trust. They do wonderful work, and our Angel is living proof of that.