Aby-a-Day – Day 18 of 365

The thing about photographing Abyssinians (or any cats) is to have your camera handy. You can’t plan the perfect pose…you just have to be ready to capture it when it happens. And in this, a “crappy cellphone camera” is, at times, better than the most expensive SLR…because you’re more likely to have it in hand when the perfect shot happens. You can always tweak it in Photoshop later.

When my alarm first went off this morning, I felt Jacoby digging around in the comforters (we’re using two right now, a patterned one and a solid one). When I got up, he was totally covered up under the solid comforter. I put my hand on his back, and he went “Mrrrrrrp?” and stuck his head out from underneath. He stretched and started to get out to follow me around.

All I had was my cellphone, and one shot. This is what I managed to capture:

I did what I could in Photoshop…but even this is better than no photo at all.