Purebred Abyssinian Needs a Home ASAP

Simba is a 4-5 year old male Aby in Maryland who needs to be rehomed as soon as possible. If a home is not found for him, he’ll go to the pound.

More information in the LiveJournal Cat Lovers Community.

Spread the word! The handsome man needs help!

6 thoughts on “Purebred Abyssinian Needs a Home ASAP

    1. I think what will happen is that the court will put him wherever they deem necessary if the owner cannot find a home for him before then. So that could definitely mean the county shelter. But at the very least I’d like to get him to an Aby rescue instead, I don’t know why the owner has not done that.
      (I made the original post in so I am reaaaally hoping someone will find a home for him!)


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