Aby-a-Day – Day 20 of 365

There is nothing more entertaining than watching Angel and Jacoby playfight. Angel is usually the agressor, too, which makes it more fun to watch. With Jake’s all-or-nothing personality, you would think he’d bully Angel, but it’s the other way around.


Angel’s got Jake pinned.


Bite bite bite! Look at Jake’s hand on Angel’s head.


Jake tries to keep Angel at legs’ length.

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 20 of 365

  1. Isn’t that the best, when they get along like that? Not to mention the supreme entertainment…
    I just watched some of that right outside the office door (Mr. Sneezypants is feeling much better…).
    It’s nice that Angel gets to be boss. If you ever watched Pushing Daisies, she kind of reminds me of Lily in that first photo (skinny one eyed aunt).


  2. my cats fight all the time! How can you tell when they’re playing of if they really want to kill each other? Taco gets this evil look in his eyes and I swear he wants to rip Biscuit in two.


    1. I can tell by body language and sound. Hissing and growling while playfighting are the cats’ way of trash talking. Also, their tails are high, their ears are up and they tend to trade off on who chases who.
      When it’s a real fight, you see puffed or tucked tails, ears screwed back, and you hear screaming. But because of the intricate choreography involved, cat fights rarely escalate to that point.


      1. Thanks, that helps! My poor Biscuit always screams whenever Taco touches him and goes running, destroying everything in his path. :/ He may need to be in a single cat household, but at the same time they cuddle together when asleep. Maybe he’s just sensitive.
        Oh btw I’m about to run to the post to ship out your goodies! I even threw in something extra cause you’re awesome! =^_^=


        1. Aw! Thanks!
          Angel does scream when Tessie takes a swipe at her, but other times they headbutt each other.
          I heard a real catfight a couple of years ago when I was visiting my dad in Oregon (he lives in a smallish town and a lot of people let their cats outside). Two males were really going at it, and let me tell you, there is nothing like that scream. It made the other cats who heard it nervous.


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