Jacoby’s got his papers!

Look what I got in the mail today! Jacoby’s CFA registration!


6 thoughts on “Jacoby’s got his papers!

  1. I didn’t know that actually registered neuters. I thought once they were neutered/spayed they were “ruined” and couldn’t be registered or shown anymore.
    But cool!


    1. Oh, no…that’s the reason the cat fancy is better than the dog fancy. In the AKC, only intact dogs are eligible to be registered and shown, even today. The CFA (and, as far as I know, other cat registries as well) allows neuters and spays to be shown in the “Premier” class, which is equivalent to the Championship classes in every way apart from the desexing operation. Gun-Hee actually acheived his Premiership (at the show you saw him at!) and his (and Jake’s) Uncle Whitey is a Grand Premier.
      Granted, the prestige isn’t a great with Premiership, because there aren’t any kittens to carry the titles on in their pedigree, but it does add to the cattery’s reputation. But the best thing about premiership is it allows non-breeders to show purebred cats without having to deal with heats, spraying, and oops kittens.
      Another interesting quirk in the rules allows for double titles. A cat can win Champion or Grand Champion, retire from breeding and be neutered or spayed, and continue his or her show career in the Premier class. Gun-Hee and Jake’s Uncle Dior has a Championship and has points towards his Premiership.
      The CFA also allows Household Pets to be shown in their own class alongside the purebreds. That’s something you won’t see at dog shows, either.
      We decided not to show Jacoby, but he would have easily earned a Premierhip had we done so.


    1. Part 1
      Purebred Abys are all related to each other if you go back far enough, too. Here’s Jacoby’s pedigree; he has the same father as Gun-Hee but a different mother.
      This is fun: I followed Jacoby’s (but not Gun-Hee’s) mother Catalina’s line back from a 3rd generation grandfather (who is father to a maternal and paternal 2nd generation grandparent), randomly picking a cat who showed up more than once in the 3rd generation, or one whose name was interesting…and managed to make it back to Aluminium (a somewhat famous Abyssinian named Aluminum, bred by one of the very earliest Aby breeders; his son was one of the first Abys sent to the US) and Tinker and Spider…
      Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home, 2009
      Instincts Klein Bonaire, 1997
      Robert Red’N Reddy, 1986
      Bastis Zackariah, 1974 (Photo here; Bastis Cattery is another famous one in Northern California, run by Wain Harding who is know a well-known CFA judge.)
      Van Dyke’s Abu Aries of Cafra, 1967
      El Rosario’s Autumn, 1951
      Bruton Billiken, 1930
      Ras Dashan, 1908
      Aluminium, 1905
      Ras Kasir, 1900 (son of Spider and Tinker).


        1. Part 3
          This Abyssinian Historical Review is an awesome resource; as you’ve noticed, I’ve found quite a few early ancestors’ photos on it. Beyond that, there are representatives of nearly every cattery mentioned.
          Two other Jacoby ancestors: Badfinger’s Bumin’ Around TQ and Badfinger’s Hot Chocolate of San-Toi. I find it interesting that Jake’s lines are also related to San-Toi’s Abys. San-Toi is a cattery I’ve known as long as I can remember; they’re from Roseville, near Sacramento. They’re mostly known for Siamese, and I remember seeing them at cat shows when I was in high school. I even had one of their cards (I went aroung collecting cards from Aby and Siamese breeders)! So on Catalina’s side, they can trace back to a cattery in Northern California.
          Not only that, but you go back far enough, and Jake and Gun-Hee have ancestors in common with ‘s Aby siblings Misty and CJ! With random clicking on ascendants, I can manage to trace both Jake and Gun-Hee’s lines and the Abytopia lines back to Aluminum…which is so totally cool.
          I wish I knew which Cattery Angel comes from; I’d love to see how she is related to Gun-Hee and Jacoby! I’m sure she can trace back to them as well, but since the rescue kept Angel’s breeder strictly confidential, all I’d be able to do would be look up Aby breeders who had issues two years ago and make a guess.


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