Aby-a-Day – Day 31 of 365

Angel has a very cute habit. When I give our clowder their nightly can of cat food (necessary because Angel needs a dose of L-Lysine for her FeLV), the Abys get their own bowls first, and then the other two get their plate to share.

Angel is still nervous about eating around the other girlcats (for a long time we had to feed her in the bedroom with the door closed, but she loves her canned food so very much she sticks with it as long as she can. Eventually, though, she can’t stand it any more and decides it’s time to finish eating back behind the safety of a closed door.

She walks away from her bowl and waits for me to bring the rest of her canned food into the bedroom. This is what it looks like:

Other People’s Abys – Two to Tango

I love finding Abyssinians used in advertising and packaging. This was a bag of treats Sherry, Jacoby and Gun-Hee’s breeder, brought along with Jake back in April. I saved it for his Christmas stocking.

The bag features a pair of ruddy Abys, which is awesome…although why they are Tangoing in what appears to be a ballroom dance competition is beyond me.

Those puncture wounds in the bag were inflicted by Jake on Christmas morning; apparently, he just couldn’t wait for me to open it for him.