Other People’s Abys – Two to Tango

I love finding Abyssinians used in advertising and packaging. This was a bag of treats Sherry, Jacoby and Gun-Hee’s breeder, brought along with Jake back in April. I saved it for his Christmas stocking.

The bag features a pair of ruddy Abys, which is awesome…although why they are Tangoing in what appears to be a ballroom dance competition is beyond me.

Those puncture wounds in the bag were inflicted by Jake on Christmas morning; apparently, he just couldn’t wait for me to open it for him.

2 thoughts on “Other People’s Abys – Two to Tango

    1. LOL! I love Royal Canin for their Abyssinian packaging! We have a free canister from them with Aby kittens on it. They have a lot of Abys on their website, too.
      I wish they made special breed-specific food for Abys the way they do for Siamese, Maine Coons and Persians. They do have a “Beauty” formula that enhances the melanin in the coat…of course, that wouldn’t do Kylie or Peggie any good…


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