Aby-a-Day – Day 35 of 365

The thing about Abyssinians is, they don’t look like kittens very long. They look like miniature adults. They’re sleek and well-proportioned; they go from tiny baby to young adult without a break. It’s easy to forget how small they were, because in photos, if you don’t have something to use as a reference, you can’t tell their size.

Here’s Jacoby with Kylie and Tessie the first few days he was with us:


Napping with Kylie.

Playing with Tessie.
And here he is with Kylie and Tessie today:


Sharing secrets with Kylie.


Watching TV with Tessie.
You can see that, without the girls to compare with him, you wouldn’t really be able to tell how big Jake was in August/September…or now.