Other People’s Abys – Hallmark Moment Abyssinians

One of the fun things about being an Aby person is you don’t see Abys everywhere the way you do Siamese, tabbies, tuxedo kitties and all-white cats. When you see an Aby on a package, as a stuffed animal, on a T-shirt, or in a movie, it’s kind of a big deal. Who’m I kidding? It’s pretty awesome.

So of course, I collect Aby things, and one of my collections is greeting cards. Most of these I just buy when I see them, but I’ve been given a couple of them here and there – before I had any Abys of my own!

This one is my newest; it’s one of those cards with sound inside. The sound really hasn’t got anything to do with the picture on the outside, but…it’s an Aby with a can opener, and that’s good enough for me!

This one is my first Aby card. I bought it years ago, in 2002 or 2003, because I thought it was funny and thought I’d send it to someone at some point. But I never did, and when I rediscovered it I’d had Gun-Hee for several months…and I actually did have “one of those cats!”


This one was a birthday card from my dad and stepmom the birthday before I got Gun-Hee. When I got it, I remember thinking, “Aw, an Aby!” but of course, I hadn’t lived with one yet.

This next one I found at Target. This is what Winston Churchill would have looked like as an Abyssinian kitten…


Another silly one, with an Aby wearing a cartoon party hat. The inside saying was lame, so I didn’t bother to scan it.

Another one I bought while shopping for cards for other people’s birthdays. It’s another lame one, but it’s a handsome Aby (I wonder if it’s the same cat used in the “party hat” photo).


This last one is one of my most favourites. It’s not, technically, an Abyssinian; it’s a Somali, the longhaired version of an Aby, but if the Electronic Registry of Somalis can recognise both Abys and Somalis, I guess I can, too. I like this card because the outside is one of those animated plastic pictures that moves when you tilt it, and I’ve always loved those things. I also like the fact there’s a photo on the inside of the card, too. Also, I find it very realistic…an Aby unravelling toilet paper? Heh.



13 thoughts on “Other People’s Abys – Hallmark Moment Abyssinians

    1. WOW. That is an incredible photograph! Where did you find it? I am so jealous!
      This is a photo I found on an awesome site of historical Abyssinian photos. This is a National Geographic photograph of Ch. (Djer-Mer’s) Woodrooffe Ras Seyum, who is actually one of Jake’s and Gun-Hee’s ancestors (as well as the ancestor of most modern Abys…

      He was the son of Tim the Harvester (one of my all-time favourite names ever) and fathered 26 kittens. According to one biography I found, “Ch. (Djer-Mer’s) Woodrooffe Ras Seyum (UK-USA) {TWN} was exported and most likely bred by Major E. Sydney Woodiwiss. He was born on 21-Sep-35, and registered GCCF 24057 & CFA 18-FR-215. His sire was Tim The Harvester (son of Ras Brouk) and his dam was Woodrooffe Aura. Like Ch. Southampton Red Rust above, he appears behind most, if not all, modern-day Abys and Somalis.”
      This is another amazing resource: A slideshow of the history of the Abyssinian breed with photos starting from the early beginnings of the breed, to the 1950’s and 60’s, to the 1970’s and 80’s, and up to recent times. A lot of the cats featured are in Jake’s pedigree, including Aluminium II, one of the first Abys sent to the US.
      So, yeah…I’m also glad to see someone else as obsessed as I am!


        1. Isn’t that the best? My friend has two Aby siblings from California and if you go back far enough, Jake and Gun-Hee have ancestors in common with her Misty and CJ! With random clicking on ascendants, I can manage to trace both Gun-Hee’s lines and the Abytopia lines back to Aluminum. Pretty cool considering her two were born in SoCal and my two were born in New Brunswick.
          I wish I knew where Angel comes from; I would love to see how she’s related to Jake.


            1. Yeah…that’s me. Sorry!!! I couldn’t resist the kitten…If I’m lucky, I’ll have a set of four.
              He may have more next week; he seems to be putting them up in dribs and drabs, and none of them are Buy it Now (he says he’s averaging $20 – $60 a photo, which…okay…I was the only bidder on the one I won so far).
              The fact that he doesn’t know they’re Abys is good, I think…keeps them off the radar for us 🙂


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