Aby-a-Day – Day 72 of 365

Sometimes, the camera catches some odd moments. This shot cracks me up; the usually elegant Abyssinians look like total goobers here.


Other People’s Abys – Money Abys

Since 1988, the Pobjoy Mint on the Isle of Man has issued a special cat crown coin. The debut release, of course, depicted the country’s own Manx cat. Subsequent years featured other popular cat breeds including the Persian (1989), the Siamese (1992), and the Scottish Fold (2000).

Well, finally the Aby’s turn has come! The 2010 Isle of Man annual issue spotlights the Abyssinian.

On one hand, my gut reaction is “well, damn, it’s about time!” I mean, the Aby is only one of the oldest recognised cat breeds, and it takes them 23 years to make their coin? But on the other hand, I have to say it’s perfect timing, especially for me! The year I start an “Aby-a-Day” project is the year the Pobjoy strikes Aby coins? Kismet!

I have a (very small) gold Siamese coin I got in 1992 when I had my Seal Point Harri. I don’t know if I can afford an Aby coin…but it would be a great investment. Apart from the value of the gold, these cat coins are insanely popular and do nothing but appreciate.

I’m also quite impressed with the Mint’s coloured coins. They started issuing coloured versions in the mid-2000’s (I think the first was the Tonkinese coins in 2004), and they’re quite well done. The detail and the shading on the Aby cat and kitten on this year’s coin is impressive.