Aby-a-Day – Day 73 of 365

11 months ago today, Ch. Instincts Santa Catalina of Pellburn gave birth to three kittens, the last offspring of Gr. Ch. Pellburn Scarface Cat Pacino. Scar died in a tragic accident about a month before the kittens were born; in fact, when he died, it wasn’t known that Catalina was pregnant yet.

Today, those three kittens, Scarlett Cat Pacino, Johnny Dillinger and Jacoby Stealin’ Home, are 11 months old.

I haven’t seen Jake’s littermates, but if they’re anything like him, they’ve come a long way from this:

I don’t know who is who in this photo (taken by Sherry Pellerin), but I like to think that it’s Jake in the middle.

Other People’s Abys – Interesting Photo

Gun-Hee’s mother Amber was Danish; she came from Marica Cattery in Store Heddinge, Denmark.

Even though Jacoby isn’t at all related to Gun-Hee’s European side of the family, sometimes I still check to see what’s going on. And I found this photo of Ars Amandi Alicia of Marica.

It’s a little geeky, but it’s something that kind of jumps out at any Aby person…her chin isn’t white! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Aby without a white chin.

And I just wanted to share that with everyone.