Aby-a-Day – Day 86 of 365

Today, I needed to run an errand to Beadworks in Harvard Square, and Jacoby came along with me to keep me company.

The funniest thing happened in the bead shop. I was looking at beads near the entrance door, and a woman walked into the store. She saw Jake, and said, “Oh, see? I wish my cat would walk on a leash like that!” She knelt down to pet him, and asked, “Is he an Abyssinian?” I said that she was, and she continued, “You know, the only other cat I’ve seen on a leash like that was an Abyssinian, too. It was a few years ago, and I remember it was so cool how calm he was.”

How many Abys on leashes can there be in the Boston area? “That might have been me,” I said. “Where was it?”

“Oh, Somerville, some festival or something.” I nodded. Thought so. “That was me,” I said. “That was me with his half-brother Gun-Hee! We went to ArtBeat, so you must have seen him there.”

Boston can be a very small world sometimes.

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 86 of 365

    1. Mostly, people think it’s cool. A lot of people say they wish their cat would go out on a leash. A few people ask to pet him (how cool is that? They ask), and some want to take a photo of him. A few smug people ask if he’s an Aby (I know that one because I do it too). And a LOT of people talk about him as though I’m deaf (which cracks me up).
      I also hear a lot of “OOooooh! Look! A cat!” which is also pretty funny. And that’s just normal comments. There were also a lot of comments on his coat, this time.


    1. He talks a lot when we’re in the cat, the elevator, or a train. It’s funny. He was absolutely silent in the bead shop.
      I think, too, in this photo he’s yelling at me to come back and sit with him.


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