Aby-a-Day – Day 84 of 365

A well-timed convergence of a yawn and a shutter click.


Aby-a-Day – Day 83 of 363

I just got a new camera today, and here’s a couple of test shots of Angel’s tongue.



Aby-a-Day – Day 82 of 365

I have no idea why I took this photo…but it really cracks me up. Angel is definitely channeling Michael Scott.

It’s a little scary.


Aby-a-Day – Day 81 of 365

As I said in yesterday’s post, Jacoby and I had an encounter with an irresponsible Dachshund owner. She drove up with her two overweight, unneutered, unleashed dogs Leo and Wolfie. We’d had a run-in with her once before back in August, and knew she was one of those dog owners, so we packed up and started to walk away.

It did no good, because the dogs ran after us, barking like mad. I happened to have my video camera running at the time, though…

For the record, my husband never kicked her dog. He did yell at her to get her dogs away from Angel (who was panicking), though.

Despite all the stupid, I can’t help but point out what an awesome little cat Jacoby is. Watch him during the whole dachshund debacle; his ears are back, but he’s calm and not puffed up, hissing, or nervous at all, despite these dogs surrounding him and barking at him. He even continued to walk on home:

(Pardon my editorial comments…I was a pretty proud momma!)

Here’s Jake and those two dogs back in August when we first encountered them:

And here he is on Saturday, once again fearless in the face of canines:


Right now, I’m looking into what I can do about her (that park is not a dog park; the nearest one to our part of Boston is in the South End).

I will say this, though: It bodes well for Jake becoming a therapy cat.

Aby-a-Day – Day 80 of 365

This past week has seen glorious spring weather in Boston, so we took Jacoby out for his first walk of the year. Apart from a run-in with an irresponsible Dachshund owner (more on that later), it was a wonderul time. Considering that the last time it wasn’t too cold for him to go out was six months ago, he walked on his leash like a pro.


Jacoby seemed to love Binford Park as much as Gun-Hee did. Some of Gun-Hee’s ashes are scattered there, actually.


These are the same crocuses Gun-Hee enjoyed three years ago.


Kylie came along with us. It was a gorgeous day.
Here’s a rather long video, too:

Aby-a-Day – Day 79 of 365

Back in November, I commissioned a wood carving by Dick’s Good Wood, based on the “Ninja vs Pirate” photo in my icon. It was finished earlier this month and it arrived yesterday.


It’s much bigger than I expected!
I love that he left our hardwood floorboards in the base.


Here’s Jacoby posing with the carving.


Angel checks out her likeness…


It’s pretty realistic! I’d know that was Angel, wouldn’t you?

Aby-a-Day – Day 78 of 365

Gun-Hee seemed to keep growing after he passed his first birthday. I don’t know if it’s an Aby thing or a boycat thing, but Jacoby is already a full-sized cat at 11 months old. If he keeps growing the way Gun-Hee did, until he’s around a year and a half old or so, he’s going to be huge! I’m thinking he may turn out to be larger than Gun-Hee. I hope he doesn’t, though…If he grows too much, I’ll have to get him a new service harness, winter coat, and maybe even a carrier.

This photo was taken the first week he lived with us. He looks so small there! Now he’s taller than Angel (but she’s much huskier).

Although, even then, his ears and feet were about the same size as Angel’s…