Other People’s Abys – Must See TV Abys

It’s funny how you start noticing Abys when you have one. They’re one of the three oldest recognised breeds, but they aren’t that common compared to Persians and Siamese. So it’s always a little thrill to see one on TV, in a movie, or on some kind of packaging or advertising.

My husband and I have recently become hooked on The Office, and we’re watching any and all epsiodes we can find. So, last night while watching “Lecture Circuit Part 2, imagine my delight when, while watching a scene in which the character Angela shows Oscar, Creed, Meredith and Kevin her cats at home on a nannycam…

I noticed a lithe, brown cat on her computer screen.

I rewound it, although I really didn’t need to just to be sure…was that an Abyssinian I saw?

Sure looks like an Aby.

Yep. Definitely an Aby.

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