Aby-a-Day – Day 110 of 365

Angel is so much fun to watch when she gets going with a toy. Here, it’s a laser pointer.

She jumped up on and down off this ottoman about a dozen and a half times in pursuit of the dancing red dot.

She really thought she could capture it in her paws.

7 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 110 of 365

    1. Oh! That’s brilliant!
      It’s even more like Jake, though…he gets very upset when he sees the evil red dot and smacktalks it. I really need to get a movie of him doing that…


  1. Just wanted to update you on the aby hunt!
    I went ahead and put a deposit on a ruddy colored male kitten from the guy in North Carolina. I get to pick him up the first week of July. I’m so excited! Here’s a pic of him:

    He’s the one closest to the camera.
    and the daddy is cole on this page (I can’t find a picture of the mom)
    😀 what do you think he’ll look like when he grows up? I love the color of yours, but they’re not ruddy are they


      1. Aw!!! Huge, but adorable! Look how little they are! Are their eyes even open yet in that photo?
        Jake is a ruddy, and Angel is a red…so your little guy should look like Jake.
        I looked up his father’s pedigree on ERoS, and he can trace back to Woodrooffe Ras Seyum (Djer-Mer’s) who was featured in a 1938 National Geographic:

        Jacoby can trace back to him, too…so somewhere along the lines, they’re related.
        How fun! This is the worst part, now…waiting til July! What are you thinking of naming him?


        1. how awesome!
          And I didn’t know Jacoby was a ruddy, I thought he was chocolate or something. He’s so handsome.
          I may have to end up naming him Rudy because my mom keeps mispronouncing Ruddy so we keep referring to him as Rudy now haha.


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