Aby-a-Day – Day 113 of 365

This photo amuses me…Jacoby and Angel crowding onto the top of one cat tree. Actually, it’s more like Jake’s trying to crowd onto the tree Angel’s already occupying, if you want to know the truth.


Other People’s Abys – Random Googling

Sometimes, I Google “Abyssinian” with other words to see what comes up. I usually check “Abyssinian Boston” to see if I come up (LOL), and then I try other words. Today, it was “Funny Abyssinian.”

And I found two things I hadn’t seen before. One was a webpage about Abyssinians: The Perfect Feline Sports Model, which featured some new photos by my absolute Flickr hero, Peter Hasselbom.

(He’s the man who took my most favourite Aby photo of ever:

He’s a complete and utter genius, this man.)

The other was a collection of photos of a blue Abyssinian named Zaphod. And, wow…Zaphod is funny. I mean…how often do you see an Aby with his head stuck in a watering can?

Actually, wait…don’t answer that.

Edit: Speaking of funny Abys, while I was typing this, Angel started chasing her tail on the top of the cat tree. And of course, there was no way to get my camera, because the second I moved, you know she’d stop…