Other People’s Abys – Random Googling

Sometimes, I Google “Abyssinian” with other words to see what comes up. I usually check “Abyssinian Boston” to see if I come up (LOL), and then I try other words. Today, it was “Funny Abyssinian.”

And I found two things I hadn’t seen before. One was a webpage about Abyssinians: The Perfect Feline Sports Model, which featured some new photos by my absolute Flickr hero, Peter Hasselbom.

(He’s the man who took my most favourite Aby photo of ever:

He’s a complete and utter genius, this man.)

The other was a collection of photos of a blue Abyssinian named Zaphod. And, wow…Zaphod is funny. I mean…how often do you see an Aby with his head stuck in a watering can?

Actually, wait…don’t answer that.

Edit: Speaking of funny Abys, while I was typing this, Angel started chasing her tail on the top of the cat tree. And of course, there was no way to get my camera, because the second I moved, you know she’d stop…

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