Aby-a-Day – Day 118 of 365

This past Saturday was the only warm, non-rainy day in about two weeks, so I took Jacoby on his first big outing to Boston Common.

He did so well and I am so proud of him! He was unfazed by people, dogs, little kids…I’m thrilled, because if he was that composed on his first trip to a very public park, it bodes well for his becoming a therapy cat.

Here is Jake with a very nice young man named Benjamin.


3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 118 of 365

  1. Very cool! What a great kitty you have there.
    I can’t wait to get Louis out on his harness. He doesn’t mind the harness itself, but the leash bugs him still. More time and patience required!
    I’m also going to start clicker training him in the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck!


    1. Getting him to ignore the harness is key. I acually didn’t worry too much about the leash til we got outside. The books all say to let them just drag it around, but all that does is a) distract them because they’re playing with the leash and b) distract them because the other cat(s) are playing with the leash. I actually use a retractable leash and have found that once they’re outside, they really don’t notice the leash much at all, because there’s too much else to notice.
      Also, I’ve found that the cats are pretty good about stepping over the leash when it gets between their legs. Better than dogs!
      I’m also going to start clicker training Jake (at least him, possibly the others). Right now I’m reading every book I can find on the subject. I also have a ClikStik, which is a clicker and wand in one, which seems so much more convenient. There’s also a Clicker Leash, which seems interesting, but it’d be better if it was a retractable leash for cats.
      I haven’t started clicker training Jake because I personally find kittens have too little attention span for it…I just worked on getting him bonded to me and figured I’d start the clicker and the therapy cat stuff once he turned 1…


  2. I bet that kid will remember meeting Jacoby for the rest of his life. I bet you feel so proud to give him such a unique experience! Meeting an Aby…on a leash!


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