Aby-a-Day – Day 120 of 365

When Jacoby and I went to Boston Common, we were over in the corner where the Central Burying Ground is. We spent a good bit of time looking at the old headstones.

What was so hilarious about this was, Jacoby was so intent on looking at the graveyard, he was completely oblivious to the large flock of sparrows that gathered in the little bush just on the other side of the fence from him. More and more birds perched on the branches to keep an eye on him.

I counted six birds in this photo. At point, one actually flew down and lit on the concrete base only a few inches from Jake’s head…when he was looking back towards me. He had no idea. He never noticed all those birds.

He did notice the squirrels, though…and dragged me from tree to tree to yell up at them (regardless of whether there were actually any squirrels in the tree at the time).