Aby-a-Day – Day 115 of 365

Kylie’s birthday was Saturday, and one of her presents was a FroliCat Bolt™. Kylie liked it…but Jacoby loved it. I put it on the cat tree, and he and Angel were mesmerised by it.


Aby-a-Day – Day 114 of 365

Angel does the “cat in a box” thing a little differently from most cats…


Aby-a-Day – Day 113 of 365

This photo amuses me…Jacoby and Angel crowding onto the top of one cat tree. Actually, it’s more like Jake’s trying to crowd onto the tree Angel’s already occupying, if you want to know the truth.


Other People’s Abys – Random Googling

Sometimes, I Google “Abyssinian” with other words to see what comes up. I usually check “Abyssinian Boston” to see if I come up (LOL), and then I try other words. Today, it was “Funny Abyssinian.”

And I found two things I hadn’t seen before. One was a webpage about Abyssinians: The Perfect Feline Sports Model, which featured some new photos by my absolute Flickr hero, Peter Hasselbom.

(He’s the man who took my most favourite Aby photo of ever:

He’s a complete and utter genius, this man.)

The other was a collection of photos of a blue Abyssinian named Zaphod. And, wow…Zaphod is funny. I mean…how often do you see an Aby with his head stuck in a watering can?

Actually, wait…don’t answer that.

Edit: Speaking of funny Abys, while I was typing this, Angel started chasing her tail on the top of the cat tree. And of course, there was no way to get my camera, because the second I moved, you know she’d stop…

Aby-a-Day – Day 112 of 365

Jacoby is my cat, at least as far as he’s concerned. I went to take a nap over the weekend, and Jake took it upon himself to stand guard and protect me from any dangers that might befall me as I slept.

Including cameras.


Aby-a-Day – Day 111 of 365

This is an older photo from when Jacoby first came to live with us. It was morning, and I’d just had a bowl of cereal. Angel had gotten used to finishing off the milk when I had finished eating, since Kylie and Tessie don’t care for it…

…This is the moment it first occurred to her would have to start sharing her milk.

Aby-a-Day – Day 110 of 365

Angel is so much fun to watch when she gets going with a toy. Here, it’s a laser pointer.

She jumped up on and down off this ottoman about a dozen and a half times in pursuit of the dancing red dot.

She really thought she could capture it in her paws.