Aby-a-Day – Day 106 of 365

Angel is so funny to watch play with a laser pointer…


Aby-a-Day – Day 105 of 365

One of Jacoby’s birthday presents was a Red Sox varsity jacket. I got it at a huge discount, partly because there was only one size left (medium). Jake’s still growing, so I figured a medium might work…

…it was a little big on him.

Didn’t stop him from modeling it for the camera, though.

The modeling was facilitated with a laser pointer, which Angel and Kylie were even more excited about than Jake was.

Other People’s Abys – Orion the Clappy Cat Strikes Again!

You may remember Orion, the clappy blue Aby…well, I just came across another video of his on YouTube!

I guess he wanted to do his “clappy dance” with a smoke machine, but this is the closest he could find.

Aby-a-Day – Day 104 of 365

Well, today was Jacoby’s birthday. He had a canned cat food cake with a candle, some presents, and, of course, some photos taken!

Jake hasn’t seen a birthday since Tessie’s on August 3, which was two days after he arrived. He’s a bit skeptical of the candle.

Still, he thought the cake looked delicious.

So did Kylie, whose birthday is next, on April 24.

I didn’t notice it til after I looked at this photo on my computer, but if you look very carefully in the upper left hand corner, you’ll see Angel in mid-leap.

Happy First Birthday, Jacoby!

Words of advice

I recently met a soon-to-be Aby kitten parent on who hasn’t yet chosen a name for the new arrival. This was my advice to her:

With Abys, you really have to pick a name you like, because you are going to be saying it a lot. Mostly in conjunction with the words “get down,” “stop that,” “don’t put your paws in my food,” and “what was that crash?”

I thought you’d appreciate that.

I love, I love, I love, I love my Calendar Cat…

Jake and his brother and sister, 6 days old.
Jacoby is one year old today! Here are 12 months of Jacoby.

Aby-a-Day – Day 103 of 365

Abyssinians are supposed to be graceful, athletic, paragons of balance…or so the breed descriptions would have you believe. I have photographic evidence to the contrary.


Yeah…not so much.

Aby-a-Day – Day 102 of 365

There was some good sun coming through the window yesterday afternoon. Everyone grabbed a spot to bask in.


Jake, Tessie and Kylie share the windowsill.


Meanwhile, Angel opts for less direct sun but a more comfortable spot.

Aby-a-Day – Day 101 of 365

Angel often assumes a stretched-out, sphynx-like posistion. Usually in the middle of the floor. It never fails to make me laugh.

Evidently, I’m not the only one who finds it a little goofy.


Aby-a-Day – Day 100 of 365

When Jacoby and I went for a walk last week, he decided to lounge under the pine trees in the back of the park.



As you can see, he was wearing the CollarCam, and here are his photos from under the pine tree:



Other People’s Abys – Must See TV Abys

It’s funny how you start noticing Abys when you have one. They’re one of the three oldest recognised breeds, but they aren’t that common compared to Persians and Siamese. So it’s always a little thrill to see one on TV, in a movie, or on some kind of packaging or advertising.

My husband and I have recently become hooked on The Office, and we’re watching any and all epsiodes we can find. So, last night while watching “Lecture Circuit Part 2, imagine my delight when, while watching a scene in which the character Angela shows Oscar, Creed, Meredith and Kevin her cats at home on a nannycam…

I noticed a lithe, brown cat on her computer screen.

I rewound it, although I really didn’t need to just to be sure…was that an Abyssinian I saw?

Sure looks like an Aby.

Yep. Definitely an Aby.

Aby-a-Day – Day 99 of 365

Angel also somemtmes commandeers the back of the sofa.


She’s a lttle more ladylike and refined than some other kitties I could mention!


Aby-a-Day – Day 98 of 365

Jacoby is a fun little guy to live with. Sometimes, he just makes me laugh.


Look at how he’s lying on the back of the sofa!


Such a silly cat.

Aby-a-Day – Day 97 of 365

Today I got the amazing Itazura Kitty Coin Bank I ordered months ago from Strapya World. I love this thing – what you can’t tell from the photos and the video is, the kitty is fuzzy. I ordered the brown kitty, because it looked most like an Abyssinian.

Of course, the first thing I did with it after I put the batteries in was show it to Jacoby.


He was fascinated with the little cat in the box.
It makes little meowing sounds when it’s inside the box.


Although, he wasn’t so fascinated by it that he actally got
up the nerve to actually touch it or anything.


Angel even jumped up on the counter to see what was doing all that meowing!

Aby-a-Day – Day 96 of 365

Because this is Aby-a-Day and not Jacoby-a-Day, here’s Angel in a box.


Tessie is very interested in that box, but Angel sits firm.


Aby-a-Day – Day 95 of 365

The weather in Boston this weekend was spectacular, so Jacoby and I went to two different parks. Saturday, he and I went to Wormwood Park. I love this little park; Gun-Hee and I used to go there a lot.

While we were at the park, we met a couple of nice young dogs: Luka, a Lab/Poodle cross, and Doyle, a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle cross. They were both a little younger than Jake, and very good-tempered.


Luka was a little more curious than Doyle was.


Doyle seemed just thrilled to have some playmates.
The best thing was, I remembered to bring along the CollarCam. So here is Jake’s photo of Doyle and Luka:


Aby-a-Day – Day 94 of 365

When I was about 12, I went to visit my aunts and uncles. One of my uncles was really into fly fishing, and he also tied his own flies. I was fascinated by this craft. But I was even more fascinated by the wonderful materials for sale at fly tying supply shops. Feathers, fur tails, paws and faces…all sorts of useful things.

And awesome cat toys. Inexpensive, 100% natural, animal parts cats love to play with. On Thursday I happened into a sporting goods store that happened to have an extensive fly-tying section. So I picked up a little something for the kitties.

A hare’s mask.


All the cats were interested in it, but Jacoby fell in love with it.


Look at that look he’s giving Angel!


There were too many cats in the front room, so he picked up his rabbit and took it into the bedroom…


…where he could play with his rabbit in peace.


And sunshine.

Happy Aby Easter!

Happy Easter!

These photos were taken when Gun-Hee was tiny. He used to love to play with plastic easter eggs. Angel also has a fondness for plastic easter eggs.

So far, Jake doesn’t seem to be particularly crazy for easter eggs…

…But he loves the Easter present I gave him.

Photos of that later.

Aby-a-Day – Day 93 of 365

This photo of Jacoby just cracks me up:

It reminds me of this classic LOL cat:

Other People’s Abys – Nile Chilli Pepper

You know how YouTube recommends similar videos after you finish watching something? Well, that’s how I came across Chilli the Abyssinian.

Chilli is a Tawny (Ruddy/Usual) Aby who lives in Tasmania. Just like Jacoby and Angel, he walks on a leash and has adventures. He even has his own web page!

Which just goes to show you that, no matter where in the world they live, Abys are unique personalities.