Aby-a-Day – Day 129 of 365

Today is Mother’s Day, so here’s some photos of Jacoby with his cat moms, biological and adopted.


Jake with his littermates Scarlette and Dillin and their mother Catalina


Tessie is the only one of our cats who has had a litter of kittens (this was before we adopted her), so she tends to be the most “motherly.”


Once she gets used to the new kittens, she does everything a momcat would do,
especially grooming. And oh, how Jake loves her ministrations.

More Aby moms and kittens

Aeryn sent me this link to today’s Mother’s Day post Cute Overload because it features Abyssinian moms and kittens.

These photos were taken by Peter Hasselbom. He is my absolute idol when it comes to awesome Abyssinian photos. He took this one, which is one of my favourite photos of all time:

More YouTube Abys

Happy Mother’s Day! Here are a few YouTube videos of Aby kittens and their moms, real or adopted…

Abyssinian Kittens

Cheeky Abyssinian and 18 year old companion

Monkey tries to escape his collar

Juicy wants Mum’s sandwich

Aby kittens nursing