Aby-a-Day – Day 130 of 365

The last time we went to Rolling Bridge Park, we had an encounter with a terrier who was playing fetch…




…until she noticed Jacoby.

We’re having more problems with unleashed dogs at the parks lately. I don’t remember having this much trouble when I went out with Gun-Hee. This time, Jake and I were sitting on BenchHenge, minding our own business, enjoying the sun and watching the terrier play fetch. Jake’s watchful, but not upset at all. Suddenly, the dog abandons her ball and runs straight up to Jake and starts barking in his face!

Luckily, Jake’s not scared of (or, worse, aggressive towards) dogs…a lot of cats would have given that dog’s nose a pawful of claws. Just after the last photo, Jake stood up and spat at the dog, but once again, I am so proud of how well he does in a stressful situation.