Aby-a-Day – Day 133 of 365

In my product recommendations yesterday, I forgot to mention the cats’ tag collars I got from HiTideCreations’ Etsy Store.

I also have one of her tab leashes for Jacoby, and it really comes in handy. I like to use it when we’re in the hallway, just hooked onto his collar, as a sort of an extra “handle” to grab if I need to catch him in a hurry. Here’s how it looks attached to his harness:


And here Angel models her tag collar (and her tags and gemstone, also from Etsy sellers):


I Can Has Abyssinian?

Slightly more cheerful…This showed up on I Can Has Cheezburger.com today:

How they got their eyes to reflect red is anyone’s guess. I only get redeye with Siamese. If Abys got redeye, it’d be a heckuva lot easier to fix in Photoshop!

Abys in Need: Benin, Asmara and Botswana

Anyone in the New England area want to rescue an Abyssinian? The Potter League for Animals has three of them who need homes!

Look how sad they look in their cages:



Botswana – they call her an “Aby Mix” but she looks like a purebred Red to me.
She looks like Angel with two eyes.
They’re all spayed or neutered, too. I can’t imagine anything sadder than an Aby in a cage, and I can’t believe a shelter has three young, purebred Abys at once. So if you know anyone who needs an Abyssinian in their life, spread the word!

Edit: Benin isn’t on the list anymore…I hope that means he’s been adopted!