Aby-a-Day – Day 136 of 365

This was a cute thing that happened on one of our walks. Sometimes we walk past Tolman’s Manufacturing & Supply, which we just call “the Welders.” There is a collection of cats, mostly black cats with white, who live there and it’s really cute how the “welders” have set up beds, litter boxes, food and water for them.

They’re more feral than pet, but they aren’t afraid of people…as long as they’re behind their fence.

Here’s one of the Welder’s cats, brave behind the chain link:

Gun-Hee used to hiss at the welders’ cats when we’d go past them, but Jacoby was a little less quick to judge the first time he met them.

Even more surprising, one little black welder’s cat decided she liked Jake, too. They didn’t quite touch noses, but she drew closer and didn’t hiss. I promptly named her Wendy.

Jake was made to feel so welcome, he tried to squeeze in between the gate doors to share the welders’ cats’ hospitality.


But when I wouldn’t give his leash enough slack to actually get inside the fence, he tried a different tactic.

He tried climbing the fence!

He actually climbed pretty high up, holding the chain links with his toes like a monkey. Eventually, he gave up though, because there was no way to get over the top.

After he’d given up on scaling the fence like Spidercat, it was time for us to go back home. Jake and Wendy said their goodbyes, and we headed home.

Wendy seemed sad to see us go. I think she wanted to play with Jake.

We walk past the welders most times we go to the park to look for our friends (in fact, we did it when we went out this Saturday), but we haven’t managed to catch them at home since I took these photos.

Here are some more photos I took of the yard and some welders’ kittens back in 2006.

Obey the Purebreed

I had thought that I’d posted about this ages and ages ago, but evidently I haven’t. Well, that lapse is about to be corrected, and about time, too: these guys are awesome.

Obey the Purebreed sells “propaganda for dog and cat world rule,” and, as a part of this quest for global domination, Abyssinans are amply represented.

Not only do they have an “Obey the Abyssinian” design (similar to what they have for several dog and cat breeds), but there is also a special Aby “Big Brother is Watching You” design.

These designs come in T-Shirts, Mugs, and Tote Bags, among others, all sold on Cafepress.