Abys in Need: Aengus and two unnamed Abys in Rhode Island

Checked Petfinder again this morning. Asmara, Benin and Botswana from last week’s post seem to have been adopted, but in their place are three new Abys!

First is Aengus, a gorgeous Red Aby boy:

“Aengus is a shy boy that needs so time to warm up to people. Trust us it is worth the wait when he does. He is a talker and will walk around rambling on about whatever he needs to get off his chest. He would do well is a quiet home with other animals.”

It looks like the Potter League for Animals only knows about Ruddy Abys, because this is the second Red I’ve seen them post as an “Aby mix.” Aengus sounds like an awesome Aby…and it sounds like he talks as much as Jacoby does.

There are also two unnamed ruddy Abys at the Pawtucket Animal Shelter, a male and a female. Seriously, what is it with Abys in Rhode Island shelters lately?

The boy is on the left and the girl is on the right. They’re young adults and would probably make an awesome team if adopted together.

Help spread the word!

4 thoughts on “Abys in Need: Aengus and two unnamed Abys in Rhode Island

  1. You are trying to tempt me…
    Those ruddys are beautiful. I posted to my FB again, hopefully others will spread the word. I can’t imagine Abys spend much time in shelters when they get put there. Siamese tend to go very fast from RI shelters, as well, as you just don’t see them. I spent months trying to find a Siamese companion for Hubero and ended up with the polydactyl mutt that is Smeagol because every meezer I found would get adopted almost immediately. Not complaining, though, as Smeagol is turning into quite a delightful and creepy character now that he is no longer malnourished.


    1. I’m really in love with Aengus.
      I found two more, one in Oklahoma and one in New Mexico, that I’m going to post tonight. The one in Oklahoma is incredible. How he ended up in a shelter just baffles me. He’s seven, looks just like Gun-Hee or Jake and he has papers!
      Stay tuned…


      1. I think, with the economy as it is, a lot of people are having to give up their pets. It’s really sad. It may also be that his previous owner died or was moved to a nursing home and there was nobody willing to take the cat. I see that a lot in cat listings. We have Smeagol because his previous owner worked for a shelter and had 4 cats, at least 2 of whom were fosters who never got adopted (one being Smeagol), and she found herself having to move to a place that only allowed one pet.
        The quickness with which the first 3 abys you posted about got adopted is encouraging.


        1. It is…and it isn’t. I have to admit to a little breath-holding, because I know what it’s like to have an Aby and they’re more work than some other types of cats. The story I tell about Gun-Hee illustrates it: We found pawprints on the vent over our stove because Gun-Hee jumped up there. I’ve had a lot of cats, and a lot of vents over stoves, and until I had an Aby I’d never had a cat who looked at that and thought “hm, I wonder if I could get up there?” much less, “Hey, I’m gonna jump up there! Cool!”
          So I hope the people who adopt those shelter Abys are prepared for that kind of personality. Abys have a high “ooh, pretty!” factor that might make people want to adopt them without really realising what they’re in for…
          …not that I’m telling you anything new. Siamese are in that category, too 🙂
          Maybe I read too much , but I just have these visions of people crating their Abys because they climbed up the curtains to the top of the china cabinet and broke the good dishes…


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