Jacoby’s going to be an uncle again!

I got this email from Sherry, Jake and Gun-Hee’s breeder:

Jake’s brother Dillin has his first “date” arranged. I have one of Hinka’s girls, Siren, up for a visit. Just waiting for her to come into heat 🙂

Aw. I can’t really imagine Jake being a father himself; he’s such a goofball. But it makes me happy that Scar’s genes are being carried on.

And speaking of family, I found a gallery of photos of Jacoby’s paternal grandfather, QGC Haro’s Jake of Eszencia, called TJ, as well as his pedigree. His brother and littermate, Haro’s Jacob of Eszencia, called Jake, is Jacoby’s great uncle (and yes, the name Jake is also kind of a family tradition, although I didn’t think of that when I chose my Jake’s name). There’s definitely a family resemblance!

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