Aby-a-Day – Day 147 of 364

Walking home from work on the Rose Kennedy Greenway one evening, I noticed some catmint in one of the gardens.

I’ve never seen catmint before (catnip, yes, but not catmint), so I picked some to show the cats. Jake was very intrigued.



He picked it up and started chewing it.


Nom nom nom…
Although, it’s not too surprising that he liked it. Even as a small kitten he was interested in catnip, and kittens aren’t supposed to be affected by it when they’re that young.


He’s 10 weeks old in this photo, and having a marvelous time!

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 147 of 364

  1. My Lakshmi was nasty possessive about catnip even at 8 weeks. She’d growl and huff and hiss when playing with catnip toys in a way that she wouldn’t with regular toys. Then, 30 minutes after playing with the toy, like clockwork, she would vomit. We had to put the catnip toys away until she hit 6mos.


  2. Yeah, my Odysseus was like a cat possessed around catnip when he was very young. I didn’t let him have it for long (since I’d never seen a cat react so possessively to catnip, I was a bit startled, to say the least) and didn’t give it to him again until he was well over six months old. Now he’s much more mellow — in fact, his entire personality has elements of a stereotypical stoner. Figures.


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