Aby-a-Day – Day 157 of 365

Angel’s paws are so different from Jake’s.

She has pink paw pads, and the chocolate shading is so much more subtle.

Her paws also seem to pick up a lot of cat hair!

Other People’s Abys – Historical Abyssinians

I just got a fabulous treasure: a copy of the little booklet Journey From the Blue Nile: A History of the Abyssinian Cat. It’s basically a pamphlet, 24 glossy pages stapled into an orange cardstock cover, but it’s the oldest book about just Abyssinians I’ve been able to find.

It’s small (pretty much the entire thing is reproduced at the link above, including the photos), but it’s such a wonderful little bit of history.

I’m also rather amused that the primary author, Aida Bartleman Zanetti, is from Cambridge, Mass. I got the book from Booksavers of Ephrata in Pennsylvania, so it’s a bit like it’s come back home.