Aby-a-Day – Day 179 of 365

Two years ago today, Gun-Hee died from FIP. Even though we now have Angel and Jacoby, I still miss Gun-Hee every day.


Sept. 14, 2006 – June 28, 2008.

10 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 179 of 365

  1. Gun-Hee shares my birthday. Gone but not forgotten. It never seems to get easier, does it? I’m sure he smiles upon you every day.


  2. I know this day must be hard for you. My condolences.
    Cats are never forgotten or replaced even with the presence of new cats that you love just the same.


    1. Having Jake has helped a lot…but he’s not Gun-Hee.
      We scattered some of his ashes at the Sutro Bath ruins in San Francisco. I’ll post photos…when I go through them all!


  3. Wow, he died the day I brought Oscar home… I’m so sorry that you lost such a wonderful soul. He was very lucky to have such a wonderful mama while he was here, though. As much as you loved him, I know he loved you just as much.
    I remember when I was first so fascinated with Gun-Hee when I joined and saw your project. I’m glad you kept it going, after he passed and then with Angel and Jake. I’m glad you’re keeping his memory alive.


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