Aby-a-Day – Day 182 of 365

Yesterday, because I abandoned him for a week, I took Jacoby downtown with me to run errands. We went to CVS, the shoe repair place, and the post office…then we spent a good long time at Binford Park. One thing I love about that park is the way the plants change during the year. Right now, there is a lot of gorgeous blooming lavender.

Jake really seemed to enjoy himself in the middle of the lavender thicket; he didn’t even notice the bumble and honey bees zooming from branch to branch.

I think he had a hunter’s instinctive knowledge that the flowers would cover his scent and hide him from any prey in more ways than one. All I know is, his fur smelled wonderful when he finally came out of his lavender lair. I mean, cats’ fur already just naturally smells awesome, but mixed with the lavender…I wish I could post a scent so that I could share with you just how amazing he smelled.