Aby-a-Day – Day 188 of 365

In a comment on yesterday’s post, said, “Abys are so helpful. I don’t know how I’d do dishes, brush my teeth, get changed, go the bathroom, vacuum, wash the floors, do laundry, make breakfast lunch or dinner, make the bed, put away groceries, water my plants or dust without Louis’ help.”

This is so true. Look what happens when we try to make dinner for ourselves…


And this is when we’re working on the parts that don’t involve meat!


If he’s that involved with tomato slicing, you can just imagine
what happens when I prepare their nightly can of cat food…


“C’mon, mom! These are still empty!

Our kitchen, small as it is, is a neverending adventure.

Gun-Hee – Sept. 16 2006 to June 28, 2009

As I mentioned last week, Monday was the second anniversary of Gun-Hee’s death. Last year, we commemerated this by sprinkling some of his ashes in Fenway Park.

This year, we sprinkled some of his ashes at the Sutro Bath ruins in San Francisco, in the big tunnel.

We put them right about in the middle, here: