Aby-a-Day – Day 189 of 365

Earlier today, Freecloud 13 posted photos of her neighbourhood cats in Kittypix, and that reminded me of the photos I took a couple of weeks ago of this guy:

He is the one blue cat among all the black cats who live at the welders’. I’ve known him since he was a tiny kitten (he was born in 2007); he has always been the friendliest of all of them. I was told by one of the men at the welders’ that his name is Romeo.

In any event, I promised that I’d post the REST of the story here…

He came to watch Jacoby when we went to the park. Jake, of course, had to go see him as soon as he noticed there was another cat (he seems to love other cats; I’ve not seen him hiss at a stranger yet).

So, Jake basically charges right up to Romeo like he’s one of our family. You can practically see him saying “O Hai Thar!”

And, of course, Jake was totally clueless as to why Romeo didn’t stay to talk to him…

“Huh. Where did he go off to, in such a hurry? Why doesn’t he want to play with me?”