Aby-a-Day – Day 193 of 365

As I’ve already posted, Saturday every cat went to the vet. We have a wonderful vet, Dr. Natalie Waggener at South Boston Animal Hospital, and it’s always great to come in for a visit. I’m endlessly impressed that she remembers everyone’s name, humans and felines alike.

Overall, the news was good, but there was one rather worrisome bit of news. Dr. Waggener looked at Angel’s eye and noticed spots on her cornea. This could be Corneal Sequestrum, which is found in Abyssinians 5% of the time (it’s most common in Persian/Himalayans, which breed repesents 70% of the cases seen).

Needless to say, Angel’s one eye is of utmost concern. Because of the Feline Herpesvirus infection that caused her to lose her left eye, her remaining eye is more susceptible to corneal sequestra, ulcers and keratitis. She has Gentamicin drops right now, and we’re getting a referral to an opthamologist at Angell Hospital. I know cats can manage wonderfully without eyes, but Angel just loves her remaining vision so much. She loves to watch things and, as I often say, she sees things the other cats don’t.

So we are concerned about her, needless to say. We’ll be taking her to Angell as soon as we get the referral from our vet.

Angel also has dental issues; she has Oral Resorptive Lesions starting on at least one tooth. Patrick had this problem, too, so I am familiar with it. She’ll probably have to have the affected teeth removed next year, after we’ve dealt with her eye. Tessie and Kylie also both need dental work; Kylie’s teeth are particularly problematic since she just had them cleaned last year, and we really don’t want to need to take her in every year to get a full anaesthetic dental cleaning. They’ll need their cleanings before Angel needs her dentalwork done.

Jacoby was perfectly fine. His teeth look really good (he actually tolerates me brushing them) and apart from waxy ears and a whiffy butt (he needed his anal sacs expressed), he’s a glowing bundle of health. He’s also going to be a wonderful therapy cat, at least if the vet’s office staffs’ opinion counts for anything. Of course, he’s a major suck-up, so their opinion is best taken with a grain of salt.

I mean, just look at him. It’s not like you can charm your way into a better vet checkup!