Aby-a-Day – Day 196 of 365

As I posted ealier, our visit to the veterinarian was fairly uneventful; the one major concern was that our vet found “deposits” on Angel’s remaining eye and referred us to an opthamology specialist at Angell Medical Center. She has an appointment to see Dr. Biros next week. Hopefully it’s nothing. For her to lose her remaining eye would be devestating. She loves her vision, and she treasures it more than the other cats.

One quirk of Angel’s is that she is not fond of being restrained or medicated. She doesn’t get violent, she doesn’t bite or scratch…but she’s really strong and she can push your hands – and arms – away. I actually got one of those kitty straight jackets to medicate her when we first adopted her. She tore out the zipper. Right now, she’s on Gentamicin, two drops a day, and putting it in her eye is about as fun as you might imagine; not only do I have to hold her firmly (this generally requires three limbs), but I have to get her to keep her eye open so the drops actually go into her eye and not just onto her cheek. I also have to palm the bottle because if she sees it in my hand, she’ll hide.

At the vet, we have to keep a really good grip on Angel, especially during the shots…