Aby-a-Day – Day 199 of 365

More photos of Jacoby at Art Beat…


The first thing we did when we came out of the T station at Davis Square was buy our dog cat tags to support the Somerville Arts Council. Jake wore his proudly.


Jake alternated between riding in his rolly cart and walking. When he chose to ride, he was very Joe Cool about it.


It was really hot yesterday – 93° – hot enough to make an Aby pant! We took a few breaks to drink water and keep from getting overheated.


Despite the heat and humidity, Jake still wanted to sit on my lap and cuddle.


At least, until I set down my Redbones BBQ!

Googling Gun-Hee!

This is just…amazing to me. A lot of people took photos of Jacoby yesterday at Art Beat, so I thought I’d see if I could find any of them. I went to Google, and searched for “Somerville Art Beat Cat.”

And I found this photo of Gun-Hee on Flickr!

cat on a leash. man in a bunny suit
It’s captioned “Cat on a leash. man in a bunny suit.” I think this is awesome.

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