Aby-a-Day – Day 200 of 365

One thing that always impresses people about Jacoby when we’re out is how completely at ease he is around strangers. This was something I heard a lot when we were at Art Beat this weekend.


Jake was fearless in the face of feet.


Most people asked if it was okay to pet him, but some people would just walk up to him and pet him in passing. He was perfectly fine with that, though; he’s not much of a pettins snob.


Little kids in particular were just fascinated with Jake. This little guy was too shy to let go of his dad’s hand and come say hi, though.


This boy (yes, under all that curly hair he was a boy) wasn’t bashful at all. He walked up, looked at me to make sure it was okay, and reached right in to pet Jake.


This girl was a little more tentative; her mom said she was a little afraid of animals. She needn’t have worried, though. I think Jake likes little kids because they’re closer to his size. He’s not used to them because we only ever see them when we’re outside like this, so it’s not like he’s familiar with children, but when he meets them he’s always very laid back and gentle.