Aby-a-Day – Day 204 of 365

Do you ever wonder what your cats are like when you aren’t around? Me, too. But now I know, at least a little. While we were in San Francisco, my friends Julia and Kimberly came to feed and play with the cats, and Kimberly took some photos which she just gave me today.


And, somewhat disconcertingly, they seem to behave the same when we aren’t home as they do when we are. Jacoby still helps in the kitchen…


…He’s always ready to lend a paw.


He also plays on the cat tree whether we’re home or not…


I think he’s chasing the laser pointer in this photo.


Yep. That’s exactly what he’s doing.


Angel actually seems to be more secure and self-confident when we aren’t home. I wonder what that means?

She played with the Undercover Mouse toy she got for her birthday last year.


Although, she kind of hogged the toy just a little bit…