Aby-a-Day – Day 206 of 365

Angel is so brave and inquisitive when we’re waiting to see the vet. She’s a very nervous waiter and becomes very busy.


She knows the difference between doors and walls, and she knows that doors are how you get out!


She doesn’t know that yelling at the door doesn’t make it open.


For an Abyssinian, Angel has a rather short neck, tail and legs. This is how tall she is compared to the door. As a comparision, Jake could probably reach the door handle if he stretched up.


This photo was kind of an accident, but I like it. This is what she looks like when she’s returning to all four paws.

Aby Foo

I’m not sure how I discovered this (it was an ad I accidentally clicked on one of the sites I frequent), but it’s awesome: Foo Pets Abyssinian.

It’s a site for kids, created by a veterinarian, to teach them about what it’s like to have a pet. Of course, the best thing about it is that one of the feline choices is an Abyssinian. But the animation is spectacular and the virtual Aby really does look – and move – like a real, live ruddy Aby. I’m actually impressed by the artwork on this. I’ve created an account, of course, and it’s a pretty fun little toy to play with. Check it out!