Aby-a-Day – Day 207 of 365

One of the fun things about going out with Jacoby is that I never know what we’re going to do while we’re out. We always have fun, not matter what. It’s like being the stars in our own improv show. And sometimes, I swear, I could never predict some of the things we discover.


One day, we found a bunch of crab legs left behind after a seagull’s dinner baking in the sun.


“Hey mom! Look at all these legs!”


I’m pretty sure all ten legs were still there; I thought it was odd that the seagull left those, because I always thought the legs were the best part. On that concrete, in the full heat of the sun, the former crab appendages were perfectly dried, so we took one of the big claws home with us….Jake has a fondness for playing with dead animal parts.

Right now, it’s hidden away somewhere. I saw it this weekend at one point…but Jake knows where it is. As long as it doesn’t end up in bed with me, I’m good.

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 207 of 365

  1. I was just thinking about Jake. And I was wondering, does he have a mobile litter box? Or how exactly does the whole bathroom thing work when out and about?


  2. Good question! Actually, this is less of a problem than you would think. Cats don’t actually go to the bathroom that often; because of their origins as a desert species, they tend to concentrate their eliminations. They actually probably go to the bathroom as often as we do. From just being around him all day, I’ve seen that he generally goes pee two or three times a day and he poops once or twice.

    When we’re out on a short trip, I make sure he goes before we leave, and put him in the bathroom when we get home, and I’ve never had a problem (with Jake or any other cat; I’ve been taking my cats out on leash since – believe it or not – I was in junior high). For example, we were at Art Beat for roughly 4 hours, and he was totally fine.

    For longer trips, I bring a makeshift litterbox just in case (I use a small covered Rubbermaid tote – they’re small, but in a pinch the cat will use them), but I’ve found that they tend not to use it until we’re back home – “home” being a hotel room or our final destination. When I’ve taken cats to cat shows, which are generally all-day affairs, I’ve noticed that they only rarely use the litterbox in their show cages, too.

    I’m not worried about accidents, because every cat I’ve ever had has been able to let me know if they needed to go and we weren’t near a litterbox. As long as we can get to a place that he can go (outside or on a paper towel), we can manage.

    Ultimately, I’d like to teach Jake to use a regular toilet. I think he, of all cats, would adapt to it easily, and it would be so much easier to be able to just pop into a restroom if he had to go!


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